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no added sugar was born through a simple desire to create witty baby T’shirts.

The year was 2001, my first child Gabriel was just one year old, we were living in a enviable loft in Old Street, London, with Shoreditch and Hoxton just a stones throw away, and I was itching to do something creative and a little challenging.


Having created and ran the Pushca brand of clubs and parties with my husband Ric for almost ten years, we had lived a colourful and mainly nocturnal past life. The parties were flamboyant; attracting a fascinating glamorous mix of London’s glitterati in lavish environments, with strict door policies and dancing until breakfast time, that with Gabriel as our new baby, we had woken up to a different world.

A small range of baby T’shirts samples were produced and I called up my wish list of shops and stores for appointments. The response was phenomenal, not one buyer did not place an order, we were on a high! By October that year we were supplying a credible mix of London shops and stores and the re-orders came in thick and fast with many a night attaching swing tickets until the early hours at my kitchen table. We offered a postal service to customers so at the end of each day I would lug a big sack of parcels down to Old Street post office. ‘The sack’ became two, then three and then unmanageable. Our little business was growing and spreading out from the corner of our loft and eating into our space in all senses.

From those early days we have passionately grown our business. From 2007 we presented our very first full collection and these have continued to grow in volume and distribution. We stock some wonderful stores globally; Liberty, Selfridges & Harvey Nichols in London and Brown Thomas in Ireland are some of the closer to home.

Our ethos to produce high quality witty kids wear has been appreciated and it is that appreciation and shared pleasure that drives us on.

In 2009 we took a very deep breath and relocated our business to Hampshire. We had personally moved to this wonderful undulating countryside years previous and after two painful years of five hours commute a day we needed to reassess our lifestyle.

We work in beautiful soulful barns, with blissful under floor heating and a courtyard garden with the beauty of the south downs national park enveloping us, how could we not have come?
Our London team sit on the 8am from Waterloo and the local team work incredibly hard and enthusiastically to drive the business forward.

As we arrive in 2017 and celebrate our 16th year we are feeling pretty established as a brand. We have stayed true in our pursuit of quality by retaining our production entirely in Europe. We love and respect our European suppliers who consistently deliver the high quality we insist upon and quite frankly we can’t accept anything less. Our fabrics are sourced from Europe, Japan and England – all elements that contribute to a high quality and good performance product.

These core values, combined with our exacting standards for exceptional customer service are as key today as when we set out.

We hope you’ll come on board, appreciate our ethos and join us on our journey to create high quality pieces with a point of difference.

Deborah Medhurst


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