Our Price Match Promise

Our Price Match Promise

We promise to always bring you the best possible prices. That's why we offer to match the selling prices of our online competitors. If you see a no added sugar product and find it cheaper with another web-store, then as long as their service conditions and terms are comparable*, we will match the price before you buy

To Make A Price Match Claim:

Contact our customer service team (email:info@noaddedsugar.com) to let us know where you have seen the product at a lower price point. If you'd like to buy the product but would like us to match the price first, please check that you can provide up-to-date information, for example a copy of a newsletter or a live website link, as we’ll need to check full details of the product, the competitor and the selling price before we can price match.

Contact us by phone or by email:

UK: 0207 226 2323

International: +44 (0) 207 226 2323

Office opening hours Monday to Friday 9am to 5:30pm BST info@noaddedsugar.com

*Terms and Conditions: We will only match prices for online competitors and for products which are identical in size, style and color. Our currency conversion rates apply to all Price Matches. We are unable to match competitors who are in administration or closing down.

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